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Do I have to attend the online lessons at a specified time?


No, the online classes take place in form of pre-recorded video lessons. You can access the online classes, the homework and the tests at any time within the week.

Thanks to this flexible system, the course can be easily completed simultaneously while working or studying at the university, and the student can be located anywhere. 

Can I start the course at any time?


Yes. The course starts in October, after which you can apply and start at any time. Everyone progresses individually with the weekly program. There are no groups. 

What tasks must be completed for successful graduation?


  • Watching the video lessons (2-3 times a week)

  • Completing the given course requirements

  • Practicing the new skills

  • Theoretical and Practical testings 

  • Final exam work 

Is this online makeup course as good as an in-person class?


With every lesson the students will be more confident and skillful both in their minds and with their hands. The slower pace allows for much more practice, and the theoretical parts can also be mastered more thoroughly with this learning method. 


We know it sounds hard to believe that you can learn how to apply makeup on a professional level with an online course, but this teaching program can’t be compared to anything you've ever seen.

I dare say that with this methodology and after 30 special makeup classes, everyone will approach the makeup profession from a completely different perspective and from a much higher level. 

When does the course start and end?


The course consists of 30 lessons, which are held 2-3 times a week, so it takes up to 3 months to complete the course. 

The program description indicates the deadline of each module (part), until which they must be completed 

Can I finish the course faster? 

The planned curriculum corresponds to an optimal pace of progress while working or attending university, which includes the completion of the necessary homework and home exercises as well.

If someone can provide a more intensive work pace with full focus, we can agree on this based on a preliminary discussion.

Is there an option for completing a shorter course, such as a “bridal makeup” course?


Virtual Academy courses are not fast-paced Masterclass-type courses and do not teach a particular makeup style, but develop high-level, professional skills. 


The FOCUS ON THE EYES course teaches eye makeup in an extremely comprehensive and detailed way.

As indicated in the detailed program description, this course forms the basis of all other eye makeup style courses. Therefore, completing this course is a condition for enrolling in any additional courses that teach eye makeup (including upcoming courses that will teach Bridal, Party, Arabic, Oriental, Corrective, Anti-agingmakeup styles).

Is the course translated into other languages? 


Currently, the courses run in 3 languages: English, Hungarian and Italian.

The participants will be provided with audio material, written text, worksheets, tests, etc. for each lesson in their selected language.


We also communicate in 3 languages during personal online consultations.

In the future, we would like to translate the course into even more languages, depending on the needs and nationality of those interested. 

Will the presentations and worksheets be shared after each lesson?


Each lesson is accompanied by an e-book containing the main texts. 

Printable worksheets (in PDF format) are attached for the illustrations.

The video lessons can be viewed any number of times during the week.

Do I need a model for the online classes?


No, there is no need for a model for online lessons as they are descriptive and demonstrative. However, a model will be needed for the home practice and the exams.

How we learn the makeups?


Practical classes on each makeup will take place later on. 

We first learn about the certain makeup style from a theoretical point of view: record the list of products and tools used for the make-up presented and then describe the exact steps. Using this information they can practice makeup at home in the foloowing days at the most convenient time for them. 

After practicing, students send photos/videos of the makeup steps.

What technical and other conditions and prior knowledge is required for enrollment?


We did not set any conditions for attending the FOCUS ON THE EYES course, except that students are not allowed to engage in the education of others, which is also stated in the factsheet.


As this course takes a very well-founded and comprehensive approach to eye make-up, no prior knowledge is required to enroll in the course.

To attend online classes and complete tasks, you will need the following things: 

  • Computer with internet access

  • Stationery (graphite pencil, colored pencil (12 colors), marker, ruler)

  • Basic make-up set for eye make-up

  • Modell for practice and exam


A basic make-up kit is sufficient to perform the exercises. The practical classes in the course focus on products used for eye make-up and brushes used for eye painting. 

The types of make-up tools and products used for the exercises are presented in each lesson, with which the students can practice the make-ups at home.

Can I also attend makeup classes in-person? 


Yes. Whether a personal session is necessary is decided by each student for themselves. 

Attending in-person makeup classes is only recommended after the student has completed the online course, as makeup styles are presented and explained in great detail in the online classes as well. Therefore, before applying for personal practical classes, it is worthwhile to master all the basics in an online course beforehand.

Where can I attend classes in-person?

Personal learning is currently available in Budapest.

Where will I get more information about course and enrollment details?


Anyone who is interested in the course has to fill in and submit the application form at the bottom of, which will be used to add them to the list of applicants.We will only send additional information about the dates, technical details regarding the participation in online classes and information on payment to those on the list.


We do not send detailed descriptions and further information on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp. We use our social media sites solely to provide basic information and present advertising material.

Will I receive a certificate after completing the course?


Yes, all students who pass the final exam receive a digital certificate. The exact number of lessons and the topics and techniques learned will be indicated on the certificate. 


If necessary, we can also mail a printed version of the certificate.

What are the deadlines for paying the installments?

What are the deadlines for paying the installments?


The course consists of 3 parts (modules). The full course fee is paid in 3 installments. An installment must be paid before each module can begin.


•   Payment of the 1st installment:

The first installment must be paid before starting the course. Module 1 processes the material of 6 makeup courses in about 2-3 weeks.

•  Payment of the 2nd installment:

The 2nd installment must be paid approximately 3 weeks after the start of the course, i.e. before starting the 2nd module. Module 2 processes 10 makeup lessons over a period of about 3 weeks.

•   Payment of the 3rd installment:

The 3rd installment must be paid approximately 6-7 weeks after the start of the course, i.e. before starting the 3rd module. Module 3 processes 14 makeup lessons over a 7 week period 


What payment methods are available? 


Payment methods will be specified with each student separately after submitting the enrollment form.

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