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Eye shaping and shading techniques

  • This course introduces 3D makeup techniques and introduces a program which helps improve your eye makeup techniques in several different ways.

  • In this course, we will introduce and practice a complex system of eye makeup and shading techniques in a variety of styles. 

  • This unique program, in which we teach in detail all the rules of 3D makeup technique, serves as the basis for all the eye painting techniques presented in other programs.


  • It teaches you to recognize the properties of the eye, to follow the anatomical features of the eye, to use the right products, and to shape the eye by following precise, corrective rules.


  • The program introduces students to the world of beautiful wearable makeup in the most effective way. We develop your eye makeup techniques from different perspectives - THEORY, ILLUSTRATION, PRESENTATION and PRACTICE.

The program of the 3D MAKEUP course

  • EYE SCIENCE - everything you need to know about eye makeup

  • EYE MAPING - division of eye areas

  • 3-D ZONE SYSTEM - distribution of make-up effects within the eye areas

  • MAKEUP DESIGN - makeup recipes and distribution of shades

  • MATERIALS, COLOR ANALYSIS - learning about the products used in makeup

  • 3-D EFFECT - shading exercises on the skin surface

  • 3-D MAKEUP in different styles and colors

At the end of the course the students receive Certificate


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