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  • In this course, you will learn about the rules of making bridal makeup in an effort to develop higher-level makeup techniques by introducing durable and waterproof materials.

  • This program teaches you how to create durable makeup that can meet even the biggest challenges.

  • You will learn about the materials needed for durable makeup and the application of special techniques of bridal makeup.

The BRIDAL MAKEUP course program

  • Principles of Face styling

  • Features of the bridal makeup style 

  • Types of durable waterproof materials and instructions for use

  • Long lasting makeup techniques

  • Special makeup effects with lighting techniques - Strobing

  • Proper use of liquid and powder versions of pigments and glitter

  • Eyeliner types and their corrective effect in makeup

  • Corrective eye shaping with the power of false eyelashes 

  • We teach bridal makeup in a variety of styles:​​

    • Classic

    • Romantic

    • Russian style

    • Exravagant

    • Geometric

    • Arabic

    • Oriental

  • The style of makeup to be taught in the lessons is chosen according to the needs of the student

At the end of the course the students receive Certificate.



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