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The ultimate makeup course

Our first and most important educational program which focuses on eye makeup is a real MUST HAVE.




The knowledge and techniques presented in this course form the basis of all further eye makeup techniques.

Therefore, before enrolling in any additional course, everyone must first complete the 3-D MAKEUP course.

1st course:


The art of 3-D shading

How is this course built up?

Since eye makeup is the most complex process, this course deals with  eye shading techniques and addresses eye makeup from a very detailed perspective.


In addition to a very detailed viewpoint of the eye areas, the development of the analitic abilities is also of great importance, with which we help the processes preceding the applying of makeup. 

The theoretical parts are supported by illustrations, with which students can practice the rules presented in the theoretical parts.

​The practical part takes place by introducing all kinds of makeup techniques we use for eye makeup, with different hand settings and by developing the skills for correct makeup tool usage.


Different makeup effects are presented by using the techniques and products required to achieve the desired effects.


After the acquisition of the technical parts, different eye makeups are presented using step by step presentations.


Makeups we teach in different styles and colours: Neutral and Cold/Warm tones, with Monochromatic or Colorful shade values.

Each make-up style you learn is further practiced in a weekly project. 

The educational process

This learning method is recommended for hearing impaired people as well!



  • Students can follow the online makeup classes 2-3 times a week when they have free time

  • Each lesson is about a different topicWe aid the acquisition process of the complex curriculum with worksheets, homework and tests 

  • The weekly curriculum consists in 2-3 lessons that should be completed at a freely chosen time over that week. The homework and tests related to the lessons must be done before the beginning of the next week." 

  • The detailed video presentation is supported with audio narrating, and the text is also displayed in a written format, so the video lessons can be attended by hearing impaired people as well

  • After acquiring the required knowledge and completing the module, students can move on to the next level and continue their studies in the next modules

The programme includes 30 makeup lessons and consist of 3 main parts (modules):

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