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The COMBO training system uses the most effective methods of transferring theoretical and practical knowledge. 


In response to current educational needs, we have created our COMBO revolutionary makeup training system , which is ideal combination of online lessons at home and private lessons in-person with teacher.

Since here the emphasis is on the interests of those who want to learn, you can now develop in a system which offers everything you need!

The COMBO learning method has been tailored to those who want a higher level of education and have less flexible schedules.


Learning process

In COMBO programs you can learn the makeup techniques in 3 different parts: 


  • During the theoretical classes students follow the lessons in the form of online lessons  whenever they want.

  • Each lesson covers a different topic and each lesson prepares the student for the next one.

  • Each lesson is based on a detailed video lesson with audio recording in English (or Hungarian/Italian). 

  • The content of the lessons is included in the attached e-book (online book) in writing and in pictures

  • The worksheets, homeworks and tests in form of printable PDF attachments also help you to master the curriculum

  • Before starting the practical lessons, the curriculum of the online lessons should be learned at free time and the homework, illustrations and tests have to be forwarded to the instructor after each lesson.



    DeLux private lessons

  • After completing the online module, students will continue their studies in the practical module

  • During the practical lessons, the instructor explains all the technical details, shows the properties of the products to be used and how to achieve the desired effects with them.

Kety MELANZANE Working-2_edited.jpg
Kety MELANZANE Working-3_edited.jpg
Kety MELANZANE Working_edited.jpg
  • In the practical part, the student prepares the makeup step by step under the supervision of the instructor. The instructor shows the steps on one side of the model's face, and the student repeats the same steps on the other side. ​

  • The makeup products needed for the practical part are provided by the school, the student only has to bring brushes and false eyelashes.

  • We ensure the purchase of certain products and equipment during the training period. 

Angela BRIDAL working-5_edited.jpg


  • The total look created during the lessons is captured with photos and videos, which we pass on to the students afterwards.

  • The models required for the practical part are provided by the school.

  • The school provides the basic accessories needed for styling (jewelry, tops) that students can use for photographing



  • The later repetition of the makeup learned in the personal lessons is essential to master the selected techniques.

  • For this reason, students will also receive detailed makeup demonstrations for home practice in the form of VIDEO LESSONS, which will include the sequence and technical description of the steps used for the makeup, as well as a complete list of products and tools.

Follow up

  • Students send photos to the instructor of the makeup they did when they practiced at home.

  • Technical issues that arise during practice will be discussed in the form of follow-up online consultations.

   Conditions of attending

  • Az ONLINE-modulban való fejlődést elméleti teszteléssekkel és online konzultációval ellenőrizzük

  • Amennyiben a tanulók felkészültségi szintje megfelel az elvárásoknak, a tanfolyamot a GYAKORALTI-modulban,személyes órák keretein belül folytatják.

  • The course takes place within the framework of a 16 - 32 hours INTENSIVE COURSE program, which can be complete in 2, 3 or 4 consecutive days   based on the selected program(s). 

  • The personal lessons you can follow in Hungarian, English, Italian, German, Serbian or Slovenian.

     The location of DeLux private courses 

  • Personal DeLux private lessons are held in Budapest (Hungary)  and Novi Sad (Serbia)

  • Estimated timeframes of the private lessons:  10:00 - 14:00 and 15:00 - 19:00. We can change the start time in exceptional cases.

     DeLux conditions 

  • Students traveling from far away or abroad can complete the program on  consecutive days with 2 makeup lessons per day.

  • After choosing the time, we will help students find a suitable accommodation near the school, so you can come to classes on foot and do not have to use public transport. 

  • If you are traveling by plane, you can choose a direct flight to Budapest Airport, Hungary or to Belgrade Airport, Serbia for lessons in Novi Sad.

  • We are waiting for the students at the airport and we will also arrange transportation to the accommodation.

     Extra conditions for “Teacher rental” 

  • For less flexible international students who are unable to travel to one of the locations due to family or travel difficulties, personal classes may be held at a location chosen by them

  • The costs of the teacher's travel and accommodation abroad are covered by the student.

  • The teacher can be hired to teach one or more students at the same program and time.

  • The location of the lessons is determined by the student.

  • The details of the Extra "Teacher Rental" and the prices will be determined during the consultation after registration, with each applicant separately.


  • The program of COMBO courses can be chosen from 3 different programs.

  • Each lesson in the program prepares the student for the next one, that's why following the order of the programs is recommended for the best efficiency. 

  • Each program develops different technical skills and addresses different product usage features.

  • Students can decide for themselves how many programs and what makeup styles they want to develop


Single program 


You can complete the 3-D makeup program only, or in combination with any other program.

Program content:

Part 1: ONLINE MODULE 10 online lessons

Part 2: PRACTICAL MODULE 16 hours

4 private lessons with Emese Backai

Part 3: 6 video tutorials step by step makeups


Price 250 + 450 EUR

2in1 program 


The 3-D MAKEUP program is paired with attractive PARTY / ARABIC style makeup techniques

Program content:

Part 1: ONLINE MODULE 10 online lessons

Part 2: PRACTICAL MODULE 24 hours

6 private lessons with Emese Backai

Part 3: 6 video tutorials step by step makeups


Price 250 + 600 EUR

2in1 program 


2in1 program: The 3-D makeup program is paired with waterproof Bridal makeup techniques.


Program content:

Part 1: ONLINE MODULE 10 online lessons

Part 2: PRACTICAL MODULE 24 hours

6 private lessons with Emese Backai

Part 3: 6 video tutorials step by step makeups


Price 250 + 600 EUR

3in1 program 


The 3-D Make-up program is paired with Bridal makeup techniques and attractive Party-style makeup techniques. 


Pogram content:

Part 1: ONLINE MODULE 10 online lessons

Part 2: PRACTICAL MODULE 32 hours

8 private lessons  with Emese Backai

Part 3: 8 video tutorials  step by step makeups


Price 250 + 700 EUR

​    Conditions for signing up 

  • To start the COMBO program course, €250 of the total amount indicated in the program description must be paid. The remaining amount must be paid before the start of personal lessons.

  • If you request an invoice for a company with a registered EU VAT number, the price of the course is VAT free!

  • The invoice required for payment will be sent to your e-mail address after registration.

    Additional lessons 

  • If a student wants more private lessons, additional lessons can be added to the planned lessons in COMBO programs.

  • The program of the additional lessons is planned together with the students on a pre-arranged topic:

  • In the additional lessons, one of the techniques provided in the regular COMBO programs is practiced in a larger number of hours in 3-D, BRIDAL or PARTY styles.

  • The material for the additional lessons can cover also other topics, ie. advanced techniques from other areas of makeup

    • Different SKIN BASES for different occasions

    • Face Contouring & Eyebrow shaping

    • Special techniques for lips

    • Pigment technique etc...

  • The price of additional lessons varies from program to program and from case to case, so we negotiate about each program with each student separately.

Enter any additional questions about the course in the box at the bottom of the sign-up form

Write to us!

We will answer your additional questions!

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